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Front Door

Doors and Windows

Front Door Style:

Homeowners may choose a new door style with windows, but the window(s) must only be in the top one quarter of the door (not along sides, or down the center of the door), and the paneling must be consistent with the standard one-piece panel door. Submit plans to the ARC.

Front Storm Door with Screen:

Homeowners may use a white frame storm door with a retractable screen at front entries.  Use Anderson 36 in. x 80 in. 3000 Series White Self-Storing Easy Install Storm Door.  Homeowners can choose either a Left-Hand or Right-Hand door depending on their front door set up, and choose a hardware finish to match their existing fixtures.

Front Door Kick Plates:

The color of the kick plate and door hardware must have the same finish: polished or antique brass, pewter, old brick (copper), or black.  The kick plate must not exceed 8 inches in height and must be as wide as the existing door.  

Skylights and Solar:

Both require an application filled out for review by the architectrual committee and the board. Please review with your contractor to ensure the solar you are looking to install is not reflecting at/into a neighboring home. 


New windows must not alter the architectural style of the front of your house. When choosing an energy-efficient replacement, the border must as thin as possible and white in color. 

  • Homeowners may choose a plain glass style (no cross bars, grids, or “divided lights”) or keep the original style with grids, however all windows in the front of your home must be of the same style (in other words, you cannot have some with grids and some without).  In Model "A" homes the half circle window, with dividers above the tall front window may remain as is with plain glass style windows.  

  • You may also use a partial grid - Milgard, 9 lite pattern, 5/8 flat grid, grid offset from perimeter of window by 4 inches - sample at 841 Whitehall Lane.  

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