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Tree Lined Path

Kentfield Common's tree-lined streets are a defining characteristic of our neighborhood with hundreds of large stately trees including coast live oaks, coastal redwoods, magnolias, etc. that form a canopy in our community. Our trees provide us with cleaner air, cooler temperatures, help replenish groundwater and enhance public health.


The HOA maintains trees with irrigation and professional pruning. See Tree Maintenance and Care below.  Homeowners are responsible for removals, replacements, and other tree related work on individual lots.


The HOA is committed to aligning with Redwood City’s goal by selecting the largest appropriate and desirable shade tree species on the approved tree list.  See Replacements and Planting below

Trees significantly enhance the overall beauty of the environment and enhance the quality of life for Redwood City residents.  These trees grow in the City's urban forest and contribute as much, if not more, to the quality of life of a neighborhood than city-owned street trees and park trees. 

The Tree Preservation Ordinance of Redwood City protects trees on private property.  Although they belong to the property owners, trees have an impact on the quality of life of our entire community, thus this ordinance requires a permit when removing a tree that has grown to a size greater than 12 inches in diameter (38 inches in circumference) - measured at the largest point between six inches and 36 inches above ground.


Homeowners need to obtain HOA approval and a Tree Permit from the City to remove any tree that is covered as described above to remove a tree in the front of their property.  To remove a tree in this size range in the backyard only requires a Tree Permit from the City.

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Irrigation and Pruning info

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Forms And Info on Tree Replacements and Planting

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A list of all Approved Street Trees

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