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Forest Trees
**This was how your prior site was structured. I feel having a tree care section under Landscape is redundant.** 



Tree Care:  Our tree-lined streets are a defining characteristic of Kentfield Commons.  The HOA hires certified arborist maintain trees with careful irrigation, and pruning.  Homeowners are responsible for tree replacements and other work. See Trees for detailed information.

·       Irrigation:  Many of our trees - including Coastal Redwoods trees which are only native to wet coastal regions - require regular watering to stay healthy and survive in this area.  These trees become susceptible to disease and can sustain permanent damage without regular irrigation.  Please contact the association manager if you notice any trees that need special attention.

·       Tree Pruning:  The HOA hires certified arborists to evaluate all of the trees each year.  They perform professionally recommended pruning to produce healthy, structurally sound, and aesthetically pleasing trees.  Please do not trim or prune front yard trees without HOA permission. Poor pruning can cause permanent damage.​  Please note: The HOA's arborist evaluates trees for the above-ground pruning that is included in the HOA's regular landscape maintenance only.  If you have any other concerns about your trees, please consult with a Certified Arborist of your choice.  Homeowners are responsible for tree removals and replacements, root barriers, and other projects related to the care of their properties.    

·       For Emergency Storm Damage: Contact the Association Manager.  The HOA clears downed limbs and trims broken branches as soon as the arborist can be scheduled to come onsite.  This usually takes from 1 - 7 days depending on the amount of storm damage in the area.

·       Homeowners who have special request for tree trimming can complete a Tree Trimming Request.  The arborist evaluates all non-emergency tree trimming requests twice a year; once in the spring and once in the fall.  Please Note: The HOA only performs professionally recommended pruning.​

·       Tree Removals and Replacements:  Homeowners are responsible for tree removals and replacements.   The Redwood City Tree Ordinance which protects trees on private property states that "Removal is the last resort option, when no other reasonable alternative can correct a problem."  Homeowners who wish to remove an existing tree must obtain Tree Permits from the Redwood City, and HOA approval.  Every tree that is removed, must be replaced with a healthy tree. See Trees.

·       Tree Planting:  Homeowners can plant additional trees to enhance their home's beauty, curb appeal, and long term home value.  See Trees for our list of street trees and smaller ornamental trees.

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