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Roof Tiles
Roofs, Gutters and Other Roof-Mounted Devices

Roofing Material:

Homeowners can replace roofs with real wood shake, or GAF Grand Canyon Shingles (color Stone Wood) composite shingles.

Rain Gutters:

Homeowners can use 5-1/4” curved fascia gutters to match the original gutters, painted Benjamin Moore Mayonnaise OC-85.  (As of this writing pre-painted gutters are not available in Benjamin Moore Mayonnaise OC-85.)  Replacement gutters that are unpainted or pre-painted in a final white finish are to be primed and painted Benjamin Moore Mayonnaise OC-85.

Solar Panels:

  • Solar Panels are allowed in accordance with the Solar Rights Act.  Submit plans with the positions of the solar panels, conduits, and inverters. 

  • Inverters are deemed safe for interior installation when installed by a licensed professional.  Inverters should be installed inside the garage, or on the outside wall of the house behind the fence/gate.  Inverters should be installed at or below the level of the fence.  Inverters should not be visible from the street.​  Include plans showing the position and height of the inverter in relation to fences/gate.  

  • Follow the Cable and Conduit guidelines below.

Satellite dishes or similar device:

  • The satellite dish or antenna must be installed in the least obtrusive location possible that does not unreasonably interfere with the users’ ability to obtain an acceptable quality signal.  

  • Submit plans with the position of the device. 

  • Follow the Cable and Conduit guidelines below.

Cables and Conduits:

  • Cables and conduits should be as unobtrusive as possible.  

  • Vertical cable and conduits running from any device into the home shall be tightly affixed to the home immediately adjacent to, and behind, vertical wood trim or downspouts (away from view from the front of the house).

  • Horizontal cable runs should be tightly affixed to and run below and adjacent to the wood trim at the top of the wall immediately below the roof deck or along the bottom of the home wall not visible from the street.  

  • In no event are cables to be “looped over” gutters, trim or architectural elements on the home.   

  • Cables should be painted to match the color of the home wall. ​ 

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