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Planting a Tree
Tree Replacements & Planting

The HOA requires that trees that are removed from the front of the property to be replaced with an appropriately sized tree.  This is in keeping with Redwood City’s Tree Preservation Ordinance.  Replacing the tree will facilitate the tree-permitting process as well. 


If the tree is not dead, both the City and the HOA require a report from the certified arborist with measurements, findings and observations supporting the removal of the tree. The City will require HOA approval before a permit can be issues, the HOA can approve removal of a tree pending the issuance of the permit.


To initiate the removal and replacement of a tree please fill out and submit a Landscape Change Request Form. A replacement tree needs to be identified on the form. Selection of a replacement tree from the Approved Tree List will facilitate approval, however different trees can be considered.  If a tree not on this list is desired, the following information needs to be added to the Landscape Change Request Form:  Tree name and cultivar, size range of the tree at maturity, and water requirements.

If the homeowner wishes to merely add additional trees without replacing an existing tree in the front of the property, only a Landscape change request form needs to be submitted identifying the additional trees and when they will be planted.  As above, selection from the Approved Tree List facilitates the process but alternative trees can be considered.


The same Landscape Change request form can be used for removal/replacement of an existing tree and adding more trees to the property.


Replacement trees are required to be purchased in at least a 24” box.


Below is a Link to the Redwood City Tree Permit Page

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