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Planter Bed Maintenance


Homeowners are encouraged to refresh their front yards with new landscaping plants to keep the neighborhood looking at its best.


Changes to the planting beds on a homeowner’s property need to be reviewed and approved using the Landscape Change Request form.  This will ensure that irrigations requirements are reviewed and addressed as needed, particularly if you are planning a conversion to more drought tolerant plants in your planting beds, Link to low water plant list below. Planting beds should be designed such that at maturity 75% of the area will be covered with plants.  If you are replacing existing plants with the same plants, it is not necessary to submit a Landscape Change Request Form.


Landscapers prune shrubs and ground covers.  They remove dead, diseased branches and weakened growth to maintain plant health and vigor. Please note that this includes hard pruning some plants such as the Nandita, Agapanthus, Irises, and Ivy. These plants are cut back to the ground to promote fresh new growth, a fuller form, and in some cases, more abundant flowers.  Please note that this may create bare or empty spots in the landscaping for short periods of time while the plants regenerate.

Opt Out:

If you would like to opt out of this trimming, contact the Association Manager to add your home the No Trim List. 

Plant Removals:

Plants naturally and decline and die over time.  As a part of their basic maintenance, the landscapers must remove dead plants, diseased plants, and plants that have declined to the a point where they detract from our neighborhood's overall appearance.  Homeowners are encouraged to replace declining plants on their property before they reach this point.


The HOA mulches tree wells and planting beds with Fir Bark Mulch. This suppresses weeds, saves water, and gives the neighborhood a nice consistent look.  Mulch is replenished on each property every other year. If you add additional mulch to your front yard please use natural Fir Bark Mulch only.

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