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Lights in the Dark
Lights, Cameras, and Other Electronic Devices

Lighted House Numbers:

Homeowners are responsible for keeping their lighted house numbers operational.  Plants should be trimmed so house numbers are visible.  Lights must be standard - white light with black numbers, for replacements use Yosemite Home Decor Exterior Lighting

Front Entry Lights  - Near the Front Door and Flanking the Garage Door:

  • Carriage style design is recommended. Finishes can be: polished or antique brass, pewter, old brick (copper), black, white, or verdigris.  Whenever possible, we recommend that all entry light(s) and door hardware have the same style and finish.  

  • Light bulbs are to be warm white (not blue or colored). 

  • Entry lights may be motion detecting, but must not be set off by passers-by on the street or sidewalk. 

Walkway Lights:

Walkway lights must functionally illuminate the walkway.  Lights must be placed on the house side of the walkway and must not interfere with landscaping maintenance.  If shrubs prohibit the use of walkway lighting, consider installing either a brighter entry light, or a motion sensitive light under the eaves. 

  • One style per yard with a maximum height of 18 inches.  ARC recommends Malibu Three-Tier design in a metal fixture.  

  • Use warm white light bulbs (not blue or colored), 7-18 watts.

  • Use at least three lights - evenly spaced at least 3 feet apart.

  • Lights must be maintained and in working order.

  • Tea lights should only be used for special occasions and must be removed within one week of the occasion.

Motion Detector Lights and Security Cameras:

Homeowners may install motion detector lights or security cameras over the garage door, along the walkway, or near the front door mounted inconspicuously under the eaves.

  • All fixtures must be white.  

  • Light Fixtures should have clear white bulbs. 

  • All fixtures must be mounted under the eaves.  

  • Wiring must be internal to the garage (no exterior wiring).   Installation must be in compliance with applicable building codes.  

  • Motion detector must not be set off by passers-by on the street or sidewalk, only by someone on the property.  

  • Cameras should only cover your own property.  Respect your neighbors' privacy.  Do not monitor neighboring lots

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