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Large Lawn

Routine lawn care consists of mowing, aerating, overseeding, top dressing of lawns with compost and judicious use of pesticides/herbicides.  Mowing is performed with mowers that mulch the grass.


Homeowner’s can opt out of any of these services by contacting Management.

Lawn Improvement:

Overseeding is a good way to give lawns a boost, but it does not provide the instantly perfect lawns that new sod provides.  Homeowners who would like to enhance their yard with new sod can request the approved sod list from Management, complete and submit a Landscape Change Request the new sod is installed. See Resources at the bottom of the page for approved Sod List.  Sod replacement requires some coordination with our landscaping service to ensure that the existing irrigation system is adequate and not compromised by the installation of the sod.  Changes to the irrigation system may be at the homeowner’s cost.


Another option is turf conversion by planting with drought tolerant plants and reducing the amount of grass in the front yard.  A Landscape Change Request with your plan and plant list needs to be submitted to Management.  As with planting beds, 75% of the area to be converted should have good coverage of plants with the plants are mature.

See Resources at the bottom of the page for the plant list.


Homeowners are notified via e-mail or newsletter when pesticides are scheduled to be applied.  Signs are posted on the guardhouse or the front gate on the days when pesticides are applied to the front lawns.

Lawn Reconditioning:

The HOA reconditions lawns by aerating, overseeding, and top dressing lawns with compost.

Opt Out:

Homeowners who do not want lawn reconditioning can opt out.  Contact the Association Manager to add your home to the No Overseeding List.  

Pesticide / Herbicide

Please note that the Board members and Landscape Committee Volunteers have not made any assessments or determinations regarding the toxicity, hazards, and risks these pesticides and herbicides may pose to humans, children, and pets.  The HOA simply passes the options and information provided by the landscape contractors along to homeowners.  Please make your own determinations as to whether you would like these pesticides and herbicides to be applied on your property. 

Opt Out:

Homeowners who do not want pesticides and herbicides on their property can opt out.  Contact the Association Manager to add your property to the No Spray List.  

Artificial Turf:

The requirements for artificial turf can be found in a link below. A Landscape Change Request, along with the documentation about the product to be used needs to be submitted well in advance for review.  


Artificial turf installation can have a major impact on not only a homeowner’s irrigation but that of the neighbors.  All issues with respect to irrigation will be at the homeowner’s cost.

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