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Landscape Maintenance 

We hire professional landscapers, trained horticulturists, and certified arborists to perform professionally recommended landscape maintenance.  Our maintenance contract with our landscaping service includes irrigation maintenance and repairs, mowing, blowing, trimming, fertilizing, and selective pest control.  This contract (costing Less than $20/week/homeowner) covers a set amount of man hours as well as materials.  This is spread fairly to all common areas (park, outside the gate, areas near parking) as well as individual front yards.


The Landscape Committee provides recommendations to the Board concerning projects that benefit all homeowners and enhance the landscaping of Kentfield Commons.


Customized landscaping is not provided by the HOA.  Homeowners can opt in/opt out of specific services in Lawn Care and Planting Beds.

Please take some time to learn about what is, and isn't, covered under Landscape Maintenance, as well as your options for Irrigation, Trimming, Pesticide Use, and Lawn Reconditioning. 

​Homeowners should contact the manager (not the landscaping crew) if they have any questions or concerns.

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