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Kentfield Commons is a beautiful neighborhood with a private park and pool tucked under a canopy of hundreds of heritage trees - California live oaks, coastal redwoods, maples, and magnolias.  We use sustainable landscaping practices to keep our neighborhood vibrant and healthy.


·   The HOA provides landscape maintenance, repair, and replacements for all of the Common Areas.  (CC&Rs Article XI, Section 9d)  


​The HOA provides landscape maintenance on individual front yards.   The HOA does not provide landscape renovations and replacements on individual front yards.  (CC&Rs Article XI, Section 9n)  

All renovations of a front yard need to be approved by the HOA by submitting a Landscape Change Request form to Management.  The Landscape Committee reviews these forms to ensure the proposed changes are in keeping with Kentfield Commons requirements to facilitate approval by the Board.   

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