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Image by Kseniia Ilinykh

The landscapers are constantly monitoring, adjusting, and repairing the irrigation systems to keep our trees and landscaping healthy while being mindful of our water use.  Kentfield Commons follows all state and local watering guidelines.  Irrigation timers are set to the professionally recommended schedule for the given season, temperature and weather patterns. Contact Management with any questions or concerns about the specifics of the irrigation schedule of your property.

Irrigation Repairs:  Our irrigation system consist of thousands of components that require constant attention and repairs.  Timers, controllers, valves, pipes and sprinkler heads are often damaged by roots, mowers, foot traffic, and natural weathering.  If you see any water usage information that might indicate a leak, or see any coverage issues such as soggy areas, dry patches, or broken sprinkler heads, please let the Manager know as soon as possible.  Please include the exact address and location to help the landscapers identify the issue. Photos are often helpful.

Water Conservation:  Tips to conserve water both inside and outside the home can be found at Bay Area Water Supply and Conservation Agency. Resources for other drought tolerant plants can be found on our Planter Bed Maintenance page.

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