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House Colors

This Page will cover all of the information you need to paint your home in The Kentfield Commons HOA

House and Door Color Changes

To change your house or door color, select colors from the Kentfield Commons Color Palette and submit the Color Change Request below.   ​

Any alterations to the outside of the house or lot (i.e., change of color, form, structure) must have Board of Directors approval.  Please keep a copy of your approval in your records, homeowners who make changes without approval (or buy homes with changes made without approval) may be asked to modify those changes at their own expense at anytime.  ​ ​

Homeowners must use colors from the Kentfield Commons Color Palette.  Applications that conform to the guidelines below can often be approved within 7-10 days.  Applications that do not conform to the guidelines require the Board's review and up to 30 days.  

House Color:

  • Homeowners can repaint their homes the existing color.  No approvals are necessary.  (If your home is white and you are repainting it white, it must be the updated white color: Benjamin Moore Mayonnaise OC-85 Low Lustre). 

  • Homeowners can paint their house a different color by selecting a color from the Kentfield Commons Color Palette and submitting a House and Door Color Change Request.

  • Houses must be painted a different color from the houses nearby: the house to the left, and the house to the right.

  • Houses must be painted in Flat, Matte or Low Luster finish.

Trim Color:

  • All trim, garage doors, and rain gutters must be painted Benjamin Moore Mayonnaise OC-85 in Low Lustre finish.  (Terrible name but beautiful color that sets off all of the exterior colors nicely.)  If you are just re-painting the trim no approvals are necessary.

  • Gutters and downspouts should be painted the House Color when on the side wall of your home, if they run along the trim please paint trim color. 

  • For homes with shingled siding areas: Shingles can be painted the color of the house or the trim. If you'd like to stain the shingle areas, consult with ARCH Committee regarding stain colors.

Front Door Colors: 

  • Homeowners can paint their front doors Benjamin Moore Mayonnaise OC-85 (No approvals necessary) or request to paint their front door a different color.  

  • The Kentfield Commons Color Palette includes recommended door colors that complement the exterior colors in the portfolio. Most are deep and look good with polished brasses and shiny hardware.  If you have hardware such as oiled bronze or Verdigris you may prefer a lighter color so they show up well.

  • All Front doors must be painted in a Semi Gloss or High Gloss finish.

House and Door Color Change Requests

The board and committee volunteers make an effort to respond to applications in a timely fashion.  Complete applications that conform to all of the rules and regulations can often be approved within 7-10 days.  All other applications are reviewed at the regularly scheduled board meetings.  See Board Info Page for the board meeting schedule.  

The HOA has 30 days to respond to all applications.  Please plan according.  Do not schedule work until you have written approval in hand.

All applications should be sent to the Association Manager.  

TIP:  Once approved, Homeowners may find it helpful to provide their painters with a copy of this form.  It includes all of information about the Paint Colors and Finishes, as well as instructions for which areas should be painted the House Color, and which areas must be painted the Trim Color.  The only information that is not included is your choice of Paint Grade.  

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